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Big Meeting Brunch – February 16

This Sunday, February 16, we’ll take another stab at our Big Meeting Brunch (where all the meetings happen at once, and stuff gets done, and people don’t have to be on committees for the rest of their lives—just 8 weeks). We’ll have 3 new tables/tasks/leaders. Confused? Hang in there—all will be explained and as always at Telos, questions are welcomed!

This is an even numbered month, so the tasks are:

  • Worship – last month was worship/music/arts. THIS month the challenge is to find a way to go deeper in faith (and invite the rest of Telos to join in). Pastor Beth will lead this table discussion and planning.
  • Service – last month was how to use a portion of our offerings to bless our neighbors. THIS month the task is to figure out how to pass our faith along to the children of Telos. Lanette and Pete will lead this table discussion and planning.
  • Community – last month was finding a way to let our community know we are here. THIS month the task is to plan something for fun and fellowship for the Telos family. Kim will lead this table discussion and planning.
  • Execution – this pretty much stays the same and gives us a way to address the nitty-gritty of Telos. This time, Bethany will lead the planning and discussion.

The idea is to have all of us doing a little bit—that whole “many hands make light work” saying. I’m excited to see what we all come up with!

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