Big Meeting Brunch – January 19th

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Come with an appetite and your opinions, ideas, hopes and dreams for and about Telos. At our usual brunch time, we’ll gather in small groups to plan ways to implement our 3 areas of focus: Worship, Service, Community. Each group will be a group for up to 8 weeks (unless they decide to go longer). This is all to get us closer to our Big Huge Audacious Goal for 2020: That we will be able to tell about how we flopped Godward in various ways. We’ll meet once a month during brunch. Each table at brunch will be an “ad hoc” committee, focused around one of our three areas of Worship, Service and Community. Each table will only exist as an “ad hoc” committee for a maximum of 8 weeks (unless they choose a longer project) Each table will choose something to do in their area, divide it up amongst themselves get-r-done! But what if I’m not there on January 19th? Just email Beth ( and let her know which area you’d like to be connected with, and we’ll let that table know (and hopefully they won’t give you ALL the jobs in abstentia…) Can you give me some examples? […]

Integrating Money and Meaning Discussion

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As part of our Wonder-Full Life series, there is a discussion opportunity around the book Integrating Money and Meaning by Maggie Kulyk. You’re welcome to buy the book, but the discussion guide that we have is thorough – you don’t actually have to read the book to have good discussion. (Your English teacher may not have told you that – but this pastor will!) So – if you’d like to join the discussion, with or without reading the book, here’s the deal: When: Mondays – November 11 and 18 from 5-6 p.m. (we’ll stop a bit before 6 if you need to get your kids before daycare closes) Where: Southminster Library If you want the discussion guide – email (We’ll also have a few copies on Sunday, too).

Movie Night!

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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1 st – It’s Movie Night! Our next worship series uses a lot of references from the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Clearly – we needed to give you all a chance to watch it. And THAT sounded like a chance to have some fun! We’ll gather just after 6-ish, have some pizza, popcorn and other surprises as we watch the movie. For those who have seen it enough to be “over” it, we’ll have some “It’s a Wonderful Life” Bingo with prizes. For those who haven’t seen it – this is your chance to right a wrong! And – we’ll have childcare folks on hand to help the kids enjoy their own movie. Or – if you want to be up to speed on the movie but can’t come on Friday and can’t watch it on your own before then – here’s a handy-dandy plot summary: