Luke 10:1-12

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On the Sundays that Telos doesn’t have a Worship Gathering, your Leadership Team gathers. When we do, we have Bible study, practice spiritual disciplines (prayer, etc.), and work on moving Telos forward. This past Sunday night, we looked at Luke 10:1-12. We had a lively discussion and wanted to share some of what we talked about with you, mostly in the form of questions that can lead you in being thoughtful and faithful with your own lives: The people were sent out in pairs. Another example that we were made for relationship, we need community, and God never sends us out to do hard stuff all alone. Jesus seems to be encouraging the disciples to travel light (see v. 4). What would it mean to travel light in life? Less stuff? Less anxiety and worry? We talked about how Telos can travel light, and we agreed that the simplicity of what we do (Worship, Community Service) is one way we travel light, and it helps Telos to have more clarity about where our journey takes us. What does it mean to extend peace to the many “houses” we enter? What are those houses? Work? School? Our regular coffeeshop? The literal […]