Pastor – Beth Smith McCaw

Beth Smith McCaw spent her early years in the Midwest – Indiana, Ohio, and then Indiana again before coming to Nashville for graduate school (the first time) in 1989. At that time, her greatest fear was that she would end up a Presbyterian! Suffice it to say, she got over it. 

After completing joint degrees in pastoral care and social work, she worked in various community mental health, outpatient and church-based counseling and therapy settings for 25 years. During that time, she and husband Mark raised two wonderful kids. As the kids neared the end of their time in the nest, Beth began to think about what her next calling and vocation could be. She returned to Vanderbilt Divinity School in 2014 – 25 years after matriculating there the first time! – to complete the requirements for an MDiv. 

At the same time, she began the journey toward ordination in the Presbyterian Church, USA. Graduating in December 2016, she spent the next few months working part time, job-hunting and watching too much Netflix. In May of 2017, Beth began working with Southminster Presbyterian Church, charged with the task of beginning a new worshiping community focused in the neighborhood around the church and serving its needs.

At the same time, the daycare center located at Southminster was facing a crisis. Beth had no idea how to run a daycare, but all those years as a therapist were helpful as she did her best to help the daycare staff and parents communicate and reorganize.  This turned out to be a great (if stressful) way to get to know the people in the community, and Beth began meeting with various people to talk about forming a “Discernment Team” to look at what a new expression of church could be in south Nashville. 

This group has solidified and now forms the leadership team of Telos at Southminster – the new worshiping community at Southminster Presbyterian Church, which focuses on faithful community, worship and service.  It has been an amazing, challenging and exciting journey of faith so far, and Beth can’t wait to see what God has next for Telos at Southminster, and those God brings to them.