Notes from Pastor Beth

Stewardship Season

We are entering “Stewardship Season,” a time in which churches ask for pledges for the upcoming year.

When we put our offerings, our tithes and gifts together, when we pool our generosity – we can do so much more together than any of us can separately.  We can get up to what I call “holy mischief,” partnering with God to love the world a little bit like Jesus does.

If you currently routinely give to Telos at Southminster, thank you for your continued support. As we plan for 2021, now is a good time to reflect and pray about your commitment and consider increasing your offering. If you do not yet give regularly, we hope you consider a pledge for 2021. Whether it’s as small as pocket change or as huge as millions of dollars, giving is an act of faith in God’s care for you and in the future of this church.

You can make your pledge using this online form.

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