Notes from Pastor Beth

Sunday Funday Reflection

I’ve been holding little snippets and scenes from our Sunday Funday gathering in my heart and mind this week. There were so many moments when I overheard people caring for one another, encouraging one another, and supporting one another. There were many moments of shared laughter and conversation. I think my favorites, though, were watching people interact with other people’s kids.

One of the best things about a church community is the opportunity for friendship and fellowship across generations in a safe, faith-based environment. So much of our time is spent in age-segregated activities. Kids need adults in their lives who are not their parents, who will encourage, listen and guide – and those things all get started with simple, small conversations like the ones I watched and overheard on Sunday. I’m always grateful to get to do church with you – but especially when I have the privilege of watching seeds like these being planted for blessings over the long haul.

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