Notes from Pastor Beth

The Body of Christ

So – one of the ways the church is described in the Bible is as “the body of Christ.” One way to look at that is that we are the ones who get to be the hands, feet, minds, and mouths of Christ to carry on the work of bringing about the Kingdom of God.

The Kingdom of God happens wherever and whenever the major motivating force is selfless love. Simple to “get,” but very hard to do. The apostle Paul had a LOT to say about this, and went on and on about how the body needs different parts to do different things; about how the different parts are each important to the functioning of the whole body. As Telos grows, this is becoming sort of glaringly obvious to me!

For example, we have a wonderful Communications Team which works hard to try and communicate about what Telos is, what Telos does, etc. They have some amazing gifts and talents for which I am SO grateful. Go check out the website:, and see how it’s new and improved. Then thank Jamie for her talents and gifts for that AND for this newsletter. If you’ve noticed, our Shrove Tuesday pancake dinner has gotten a lot of Facebook coverage – thank Alyssa for that!

Another example: Pete, Mark and Chad came up to the church a couple weeks ago and got our screen hung in the fellowship hall. We’re hoping to start using it at this coming Worship Gathering.

Here’s the thing: you really don’t want me to be messing with websites or hanging screens. It wouldn’t go well in either case. I am constantly amazed at how God will take someone’s talent/ability/gift, mix it up with other people’s and voila! The results are WAY more interesting and awesome than what any one person could have done on their own.

Biblically speaking, the Holy Spirit gives gifts/abilities/talents to each person in a church for the benefit of the functioning of that church. When people get curious about their gifts, and about how those gifts can help the church thrive – really cool stuff happens. So – what might your gifts be? How might Telos become more interesting and awesome because of what you can bring?

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