What to Expect

Casual, informal, reformed worship at 9:00 a.m. each Sunday morning in the sanctuary of Southminster Presbyterian Church (643 Harding Place | Nashville, TN 37211). Childcare is provided. Following worship each Sunday, we break bread together with a fellowship (potluck*) brunch. We generally wrap up by 11:00 a.m.

More details…

Our Worship Gatherings are unlike any church we know of. Much of our service format will be somewhat similar to other congregational gatherings. Where it gets fun, is when we break into small discussion groups and discuss personal application of the sermon. This enriching experience helps us deepen our personal walk of faith and connect with our fellow worshiper.

Our worship is casual and informal, but very determinedly Reformed. If you’re somebody who doesn’t know or care what “Reformed” means – just know that we gather, pray, listen, talk, eat, sing and celebrate together.

Musically, we’re open to trying a lot of different things, and welcome your input. Many of us have experienced music in worship that felt more like performance than worship. We try to avoid this. We’ve sung Johnny Cash, Taize’ in Latin and English, Celtic hymns, Amazing Grace, etc. We’ve had guitar, keyboards, and a violin – no kazoos, yet, but if it brings praise to God it is not off limits.

*It’s a true potluck – we rarely plan ahead or arrange who brings what. We figure sometimes you’re the gourmet cook, sometimes you bring the fruit nearing its demise, and sometimes you just need your community to feed you. We’ve had a meal of just edamame and cookies, and another of taquitos and watermelon. Nobody died either time. If you’re a first-timer, you’re our guest – no need to bring anything.