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Virtual Worship Gathering, Holy Humor Sunday – April 19

Worship Gathering: On Sunday morning at 9, gather around a screen with Wi-Fi capability, and join us on Zoom. Here’s the URL to join the meeting: Sunday in our worship we’re going to join in an ancient and recently revived tradition—Holy Humor Sunday.  There will be a lot of silliness with a very serious purpose—continuing our celebration of the resurrection of Jesus!

So—please wear a silly hat (the weirder the better) and if you’d like to tell a SHORT joke (and remember—this is a family show), please let me know.  I NEED about 5 people to tell short clean jokes (dad jokes and knock-knock jokes are welcome), so don’t be shy! If you have a joke, great, but I also have plenty to give out if you need them.

Thank you all for your patience with me as we worship by Zoom! And a HUGE thank you to Bethany, Amber and Blake for all of their work in figuring out how to do things.

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